About Us

Tony DeRouin - Leathersmith
"At the age of twelve I began to sew in my father's shoe repair shop after school each day. I quickly learned the skills involved in shoemaking and repair. In the practical environment of my father's shop, I also discovered the art of leather crafting. Leather quickly captured my imagination. I began to explore items I could create with leather in my free time. From the day I made my first purple leather bell bottoms in high school, I knew that I would continue to express my creative energy with patterns and textures of leather. I enjoy custom leather design. When you describe what you would like to have, I start to see a leather design just for your unique personality and how I will create it for you."

Belinda Greenwood - Artist
"The largest impact on my life and art was becoming totally deaf at the age of eleven. I grew up inspired by the color environments my mother created around our home and in her beautiful clothing designs she made for me and others. I worked on Saturdays in her custom clothing boutique during the late 1960's, cutting patterns that she would sew. My mother’s color themes flowed into my 'vocabulary' like words you learn from hearing them spoken. I could visualize sound in colors, shapes, and movement. Vibration creates a visual sound as well as a musical sound. What I sense in vibration around me and moving through me I translate into my art." 

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"Bo" and "Orbit"  The Buffalo Boot Dogs


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